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2024 Xhorse VVDI MLB TOOL XDMLB0 Key Programmer Add Key VW Audi MQB Work with VVDI2 / Key Tool Plus Pad

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Xhorse VVDI MLB TOOL XDMLB0 Key Programmer

Product Highlights:

Ultra capable in reading, writing and calculating
No points required  when using VVDI MLB specialized key

The following two scenarios require points deduction for MLB calculations:
1. When adding keys, points will be deducted to calculate the IMMO data.
2. When doing key recovery, the second-hand key has been initialized and unlocked, but does not have the IMMO data of the key. You need to deduct a few points to collect and calculate the IMMO data of the key before it can be restored.


For the Original key 

Unlocked uninitialized with id Can generate key directly to learn key

Unlocked and uninitialized without id Allows to change the id once.

Unlocked and initialized Can restore key to unlocked and uninitialized state by calculating anti-theft data No id

Locked and initialized original key cannot be unlocked.

Xhorse VVDI MLB TOOL Functions:

1. Work with VVDI2 Key Tool Plus Pad for MLB immombilizer key learning, Support VVDI MLB special submachine, Support original key

2.Excel in key Adding for MLB Models

Support adding keys for Audi, Porsche, Volkswagen, Lamborghini, Bentley, and other MLB vehicle models

3. No Need to Remove the Chip
Key data calculation requires only the disassembly of the key shell, with no need to remove the chip. Integrated with a 22k reader, it enables wireless key reading and writing without shell removal.

4. Wireless Key Generation for Ultimate Convenience
Generate original dealership keys and Xhorse specialized keys wirelessly.

5. Immo Detection Made Easy
Built-in Immo detection module supports wireless key recognition

6. Compatibility with Original Keys and Xhorse Specialized Keys
Support brand-new original keys (uninitiaIized/initiaIized) and can verify the status of the original keys. Support VVDI MLB specialized keys for unlimited reuse.

7. Rewrite Uninitialized Key IDs
Support rewriting uninitialized original key IDs.

8. No Need for On-Vehicle Data Collection
Simply collect key data, upload for calculation, and obtain Immo data without needing to access the vehicle.


Xhorse VVDI MLB TOOL Software Display:


Package Includes:

1pc x MLB Tool
1pc x MLB Cable
1pc x USB Type C Cable
1pc x OTG Adapter
1pc x User Manual


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