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SUPERPRO IS01 Programmers Emulators and Debuggers components

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SUPERPRO IS01 Programmers Emulators and Debuggers components


Superpro IS01 is a professional multi-function serial programmer with compact size, fast programming speed, good reliability and high performance. It supports almost all serial programmable devices and is very suitable for in-system or in-application applications. It is designed to communicate using USB 2.0 port for development requirement and can also work in standalone mode (without connecting to a PC) for production requirement.




* Research and development application

* Volume production: Devices may be programmed after the board is fully assembled. One example is the serial number writing to an on-board serial device

Field application: Comes with portability, stand-alone mode and mobile data storage media (SD card), it is suitable for field test, debug and data acquisition

Third party Integration: Friendly software interface (DLL and Virtual Com communication command set) and hardware interface (ATE and USB) are provided and make it very easy for customers to integrate Superpro IS01 as a functional module into their systems. One example is an ICT equipment; with this integration users can finish in-circuit test and in-circuit programming in one step.



Multiple Ways to Control SuperPro IS01


*Largest ISP Device Library - Located in Silicon Valley, we keep good relationships with many major IC companies that are important for us to continuously support new devices. SuperPro IS01 currently supports more than 10,000 devices, which is the largest device library in the serial programming industry. SuperPro IS01 supports all common ISP protocols such as I2C, SPI, UART, BDM, MW, JTAG, CAN and RS232.

*Longer Cable Length - Supported with Adjustable Speed - For industrial applications, numerous problems arise if in-system programming (ISP) is done with a parallel programmer via an ISP header. Parallel programmers restrict the target board to be programmed at a particular distance (usually less than a couple of inches). SuperProIS01 is a serial programmer with an ISP cable that can program a target board up to 3 feet (1M) in distance. Beside the cable line drive ability for long distance applications, the advanced in-system driver allows operating speed to be adjusted for execution timing purposes. VDD (0-5.5V /0.5A) and Vpp (0-15V / 0.2A) lines provided to power the target board and the target devices.

*Mass Production Mode -SuperPro IS01 has a working mode called "mass production", that is, once the programmer detects that the target board is ready and receives an ISP signal, it immediately starts the functional operation defined by AUTO without keyboard operation. TPIN and TPOUT in the ISP port are provided for this purpose. TPOUT supplies high level, and TPIN is the level detection input line. If these points are short-circuited on the target board, once ISP signal is applied to the test point, TPIN immediately detects high level, and AUTO command sequence can be started.

*Multi programming - Up to 12 programmers can be connected to a single PC for programming multiple PCBs or all the programmers can be used in stand-alone mode.

*Technical Support - Xeltek is proud to offer same day support for technical and sales inquiries. We are available to help customers and representatives resolve issues or help with their requests in an effective way. This service is provided by our highly qualified new support team that will provide the best of their knowledge to bring prompt sales and technical support.



Advanced Software Features 


SuperPro IS01 comes with a powerful and easy to use programming software. The biggest advantage is its simplicity so that any operator can operate the programmer with little or no training. SuperPro IS01 software is supported on Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10.


*Project Files - The project file stores preparations before programming. Users could also restore and save work environment. The project file includes device type, buffer data, operation option settings, configuration bit settings and batch commands. Project files may be password protected to increase security and reliability when operated by untrained operators.

*Project Group: Operate Multiple Project Files in Batch Mode - Multiple chips could be programmed simultaneously using the Project Group feature on the SuperPro IS01 software. Project Group organizes batch running of multiple projects and is available on all SuperPro ISP models.

*Auto Function - The Auto function organizes different functions into a sequential group (erase, blank check, program, verify and protect). Functions are executed in sequential order similar to a batch command.

*Production Statistics - A log file could be used to save operation information before exiting the program. Log files can also be used to facilitate quality tracking.

*Factory Mode - This mode is designed for factory volume production. To prevent operation errors from destroying chips and wrong data written to the chip, SuperPro will operate in the Auto function mode.The administrator can set a password to prevent unauthorized access to the system.

*XPlayer - SuperPro IS01 supports JAM, SVF and Staple files from ACTEL, Xilinx and ALTERA. SuperPro IS01 also supports Direct C files from ACTEL. STP or JAM files can be generated using design tools such as ISE and Quartus II.

*LabVIEW - Integrating SuperPro IS01 onto an existing LabVIEW environment is a simple task. Previously, users had to purchase DLL functions and create a set of custom VIs for integration, taking days and resulting in expensive engineering time. The LabVIEW driver package is ready to be used in the test program with very little need of coding and customization. Standard LabVIEW driver is available for download.

*Auto Recognition of File Types - We support almost all kinds of known file formats including file formats with automatic recognition functions: Binary, Intel (linear & segmented) Hex, Motorola S, Tektronix (linear & segmented), JEDEC, POF, etc.

*Auto Increment of Serial Numbers  - Auto-generation of electronic serial numbers is available on Superpro IS01. This feature is implemented by setting Auto Increment in Operation Option. Auto Increment allows users to add unique serial number into the device. After each successful programming, the software automatically changes the value by the specified increment mode.

*Intellectual Property Protection - Password settings available in both PC and stand-alone mode.



What's in the box?


SuperPro IS01 comes with
ISP Cable
AC Adapter
USB Cable
SD Card for stand-alone operation
Quick Start Guide



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