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Newest V6.50 X-PROG Programmer X PROG M Full Adapters 6.50 ECU Chip Tunning XPROG V6.50 Add More New Authorization Best Quality

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Newest 6.50 XPROG V6.50 Add New Authorization XPROG M Programmer Full Adapters ECU Chip Tunning Tool XProg-M Box V6.50


For the installation system, please note:

XPROG 5.55 can only support WIN XP and WIN 7 32BIT computer systems

XPROG 6.12/6.17/6.26/6.50 can only support WIN 7 64BIT computer system


ATTETION for Xprog 6.50 ECU Programmer:

Please must follow this instructions to run software!!!otherwise device will not installed.

1. MUSTConnect Internet

2. PC Time MUST adjust toAccurate Local Time

3. You MUST install V6.50 Register File before use!!!

4. Only support English WINDOWS system, please do not use other language syste.

5. Close the software after using the programmer. 
6. When you are not using the programmer, please do not open the software on the computer for a long time. You must close the software and unplug the usb dongle from the computer.



XPROG V6.50 Using Tips:


1.XPROG V6.50 dongle isn't compatible with older version Xprog. You are not allowed to update from the older version Xprog V5.55 V5.60 V5.70 V5.84 V6.12 to this newest V6.26 XPROG-M Dongle.

2. Please Close all anti-virus software in your computer, because the anti-virus software will kill Xprog V6.50 driver and software

3. Uninstall all the old version XPROG software and registry before you install V6.50 software, because XPROG V6.50 hardware is not compatible with other version XPROG, Otherwise the hardware will be damaged and its warranty will be invalid.

4. Never try to UPDATE it, the hardware will be damaged and lost authorization if you try to update it online. Warranty will be invalid.


Package Includes:

1pc x XPROG-Box Hardware (Aluminum Enclosure) .

1Setx Adapters

1pc x USB Cable.

1pc x USB Dongle

1pc x CD with XPROG-Box Software V6.50



The difference between the latest V6.50 and 6.26:

6.50 Added more authorizations





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