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Alpha Automatic Key Cutting Machine Support VW Audi HU162T Key and Toyota & Lexus TOY2 Key 2 Years Warranty

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Alpha Automatic Key Cutting Machine 

The first automatic key cutting machine that support to check missing teeth of ignition lock for HU162T through teeth numbers of door lock,and vice versa,greatly improving the work efficiency for locksmith.


Highlights of Alpha Automatic Key Cutting Machine:

1. AB side for laser keys (single external groove keys,single internal groove keys,double external groove keys,double internal groove keys and dimple keys),CD side for standard keys(double standard keys),no need extra small jaws;
2. New jaw and cutting system,better compatible with folding keys and smart card small keys,more convenient and versatile;
3. Latest original jaw design,to support to directly cut Volkswagen Audi HU162T key and Toyota&Lexus TOY2 key,no need small jaws;
4. The first automatic key cutting machine that support to check missing teeth of ignition lock for HU162T through teeth numbers of door lock,and vice versa,greatly improving the work efficiency for locksmith;
5. Graphic display of each key;
6. Optimize the data lookup logic according to different operational habits; play operation videos in key information.
7. 2 Years Warranty.
8. No battery, more safety
9. 7 inch industrial-grade display screen,runs smoothly.
10. Equipped with tool box to place decoder,cuter,calibration block etc.


Alpha Key Cutting Machine Feature:

Support to cut automobile,Chinese car,residential,dimple & tubular keys etc.
Adopted high-precision ballscrew for X, Y & Z axis,bringing higher repetitive positioning accuracy. 
Adopted DC brushless motor for Z axis to control cutter directly,bring higher cutting precision and lower noise.
Portable for mobile, easy to work outside
Equipped with tool box to place decoder, cutter, calibration block etc.

Alpha Key Cutting Machine Special Features:

Support to duplicate keys without key data in database
Including single standard keys, double standard keys, single external groove keys,double external groove keys,internal groove keys & tubular keys


Alpha Key Cutting Machine Technical Parameter:

Voltage:                                             24V 5A
Power:                                               120W
Dimension:                                        305(W)x300(H)mmx400(D)mm
Weight:                                              16KG
Accuracy:                                           XY Axis 0.0025mm Z Axis 0.0025mm
Spindle Speed:                                  12000+ rpm
Working Temperature Range:          0-10℃
Working Humidity Range:                10-90℃
Usage:                                               Automobile Keys,residential key,motorcycle keys,dimple keys,tubular keys,FO21 tible keys.


Alpha Key Cutting
 Machine Software Display:


Comparasion Table for Alpha and SEC-E9 Key Cutting Machine:


ScreenE9: 7" Touch Screen (Without Battery)
EP&EB&EU: 8" Tablet (With Battery)
EA: 7" Android Screen (Without Battery)
7" Android Screen (Without Battery)
Main JawOne Jaw to support car keys (including double standard keys and laser keys)4-way Jaw to support car keys (including double standard keys and laser keys), special car keys( HU66,HU64, VA2, TOY2, BW9, SIP22, HU162T) and dimple keys
Optional House JawDimple key jaw, Single sided key jaw, Tubular key jawSingle sided key jaw, Tubular key jaw
Optional Car JawHU66,HU64, VA2, TOY2, BW9, SIP22, HU162T, FO21, LDVFO21
Engraving FunctionSerial Number starting by E9,EP, EU onlyYes
Duplicating FunctionDouble sided keys, Single sided key, Tubular keysDouble sided keys, Single sided key, Tubular keys, Single external groove keys, Double external groove keys, Internal groove keys
Key Code FunctionYesYes, but have detailed key code range and classification based on car brand list. 
Progression FunctionSerial Number starting by EP, EB, EU, EA onlyYes, and support to search bitting numbers of ignition lock based on those of door lock for HU162T (Vice Versa)
Create Key Profile Function YesYes
Cutting History FunctionYesYes
Favorite FunctionYesYes
Software Upgrade WayWifi and USBWifi and USB
Conmmunication WayUSB and Bluetooth for different versionsUSB and Bluetooth for different versions
Extra FunctionLED lightLED light & 2 Tool boxes for putting decoders/cutters/calibration block/stopper
Launched Time20142019
Warranty1 Year2 Years

Alpha Automatic Key Cutting Machine Jaws:

ModelS1 JawS2 JawS3 JawS4 JawS5 Jaw
Name4-way jawSingle standard jawTubular jawFO21 Tibbe Engraving jaw
FunctionSupport to cut laser & standard car keys & dimple keys(Mul-T-Lock).
AB side for laser keys(laser 4track internal , laser 2track external , laser 4track external , channel track , dimple),CD side for standard keys(double standard keys)
Support to cut single side
keys,including: Schlage,Absa,Chubb,Kwikset etc.
Support to cut tubular keys,
R.O.C. etc
Support  to cut Ford 6cuts & jaguar 8cuts tibbe keysEngraving function for letter & numeral & character & pattern
Purchase LinkIn Standard package, No need extra purchaseSL458-2SL458-3SL458-4SL458-5

Alpha Key Cutting Machine Package List:

1 pc x S1 Jaw
2 pc x Cutter
2 pc x Decoder
1 pc x Calibration Block
1 pc x Stoper
2 pc x M3 Bolt
2 pc x M5 Bolt
1 pc x 1.5mm L-wrench
1 pc x 2.5mm T-wrench
1 pc x 24V Adapter with Power Cord
1 pc x Brush
1 pc x User Manual


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