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Ancel HD3400 OBD2 Scanner Full System Diagnostic Tool DPF Regeneration For Heavy Duty Diesel Truck Scan Tools

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Product Description

Ancel HD3400 OBD2 Scanner Full System Diagnostic Tool DPF Regeneration For Heavy Duty Diesel Truck Scan Tools


What is ANCEL HD3400 ? Let me tell you.

ANCEL HD3400 high-definition truck diagnostic scanner equipped with quad-core processor and 5-inch LCD touchscreen. This scanner is a DPF maintenance light reset tool specially customized according to the characteristics of the American diesel truck market. It can cover the DPF function of most 12V/24V diesel powered trucks in the US market. In addition, through this tool, users can also easily read engine, transmission, ABS and chassis or body control information, read/delete fault codes, read data streams, analyze real-time sensor data and more.


Truck full system diagnose

This truck scan tool Supports to scan full system. You can get real time data related to system and do some repair by yourself using this truck tool, which will save much time and money for you.

Power Transmission: Engine, Construction engine, Hybrid, VCS(Vehicle Computer Simulation), Transmission, Integrated Control, Integrated Security System, Motor Control, Battery/SCR.

Chassis: Anti-lock braking system, EZGOC(Wheel Brake Special System), Retarder.

Carbody: Immobilizer, SRS Airbag, SWS (Smart Writing System), Headlamp Auto-leveling, ABS, ASR, EBS, ESCOT, ESP, EPS, AT System, Smoother, HSA/ CFS, BCM, BCM(MIMAMORI), VIM(Vehicle Interface Module), UDS, Gas Treatment, DCU/ BCU, Instrument System, Suspension System, Pro-shift, Inverter, Kneeling, Drivetrain, Scanning Cruise/LDWS/PCS, Tire Pressure Monitoring System, Ldfing Stop System, Clutch System, Anti-theft devices, Blocker, PESS(Passive entry and start system), PIM(Powertrain interface module), Chassis ESC, Air Suspension, Headlamp Auto-leveling.


DPF Regeneration & Service Reset

DPF Regeneration (for Cummins, Detroit, Caterpillar, Paccar)

DPF Regeneration is used to clear PM (Particulate Matter) from the DPF filter through continuous combustion oxidation mode (such us high temperature heating conbustion, fuel additive or catalyst reduce PM ignition conbustion) to stabilize the filter perfornance. An unmaintained DPF runs your vehicles unnecessarily hard and less efficient. With regular DPF maintenance, you can save lots of dollars and time by getting your DPF cleaned, restore your DPF to nearly new! Increased Fuel Economy up to 5%. Avoid costly replacement of the filters. Lower Overall Maintenance Costs.

DPF regeneration may be performed in the following cases:

(a) The exhaust back pressure sensor is replaced.

(b) The PM trap is removed or replaced.

(c) The fuel additive nozzle is removed or replaced.

(d) The cataytic oxidizer is removed or replaced.

(e) The DPF regeneration MIL is on and maintenance is performed.

(f) The DPF regeneration control module is replaced.


Truck and Car Scan,2 IN 1

It not only can diagnose heavy duty trucks, also can be a OBD2 scanner for 12v vehicles to diagnose all OBD2 module of engine.

1. Read and clear fault codes, turn-off malfunction indicator light (MIL)

2. O2 sensor test to check fuel efficiency and vehicle emission

3. Display freeze frame data and retrieve vehicle information

4. EVAP test for fuel tank system (Carbon canister test)

5. Show live data in graph such as Engine Speed, ECU鈥檚 temperature and coolant temperatures. The live data can be store and playback

6. Display I/M readiness status (Non-continuously monitored system test )

7. Request On-Board Monitoring test results for specific monitored systems 8. Provide DTC Lookup function



FOR Freightliner,for Kenworth,for Autocar,for Peterbilt,for Komatsu,for Bobcat,for Terex,for Sany Komatsu,for International,for Ford(750),for Western Star,for Leyland,etc...


PIN Detect

Diagnose the connection status of the OBD inter face

This function can be used to detect whether the pins are damaged


Other handy features

*One-Click Activate
*One-Click Updat
*Diagnostic report printer


Graph live data stream 4 in 1


Product High Configuration Hardware

CPU Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A7
Flash 8GB
Display 5 inches LCD,resolution ratio 800*480
WIFI 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz
USB interface Type C interface
Diagnose interface DB15 interface
Operating voltage DC 10V~24V/3A
Pinter Optional


Package List

1 * HD3400 Diagnostic Scan Tool
1 * Main Test Line
1 * 6 Pin & 9 Pin Connector
1* OBDII-16 Pin connectorr
1 * HD3400 Scanner User Manual



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