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Medical Protective Clothing Plastic Protective Clothing Protective Suit Prevent Virus with Certificate From Government

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Product Description

Instruction Manual for Medical Disposable Protective Suit
[Product Name] Medical disposable protective suit
[Model and Specifications] One-piece:  M, L, XL,XXL
[Structure Composition]
The product uses the polypropylene non-woven fabric with polyethylene film as its materials. The sealing rubber strip is made of rubber-lined non-woven fabric. It consists of a hooded jacket and pants, and there are elastic closing up designs on the cuffs and foot openings. The elastic closing up design is applied in the hoodie face and waist. The product is in the type of one-piece, and uses cobalt-60 radiation sterilization.
[Main Performance]
1. The product is sterile;
2. The main performance indicators are in compliance with the provisions of the GB 19082-2009 Standard.
[Scope of Application]
It is suitable for playing a role of barrier and protection for clinical medical staff who may be in contact with the blood, body fluids, secretions, etc. of potentially infectious patients during the work as well as the particles in air.
[Contraindications, Precautions, Warnings and Informative Contents]
1. This product is provided for single use only, and repeated use is prohibited.
2. Please read the usage method before using this product so as to ensure the correct wearing.
3. Please check whether the package is intact, and confirm the packaging mark, production date and sterilization validity period before using this product, and please use it within the validity period.
4. After using this product, please dispose of it according to the medical waste management measures of medical and health institutions, and do not discard it freely.
5. This product is sterilized by irradiation with cobalt-60, and its use is strictly prohibited in case of the damaged packaging.
6. Those who are allergic to non-woven fabrics, have heart disease patients, and have other discomforts after wearing it shall use it with caution under the guidance of a physician.
[Instructions on Use]
1. Please check whether the package is intact, and confirm the packaging mark, production date and service life before using this product, and please use it within the validity period
2. Wear one-piece protective suit
Pull the zipper to the proper position, grasp the opening of the waist zipper of the medical protective suit while holding the left and right cuffs with your left and right hands, wear the lower limbs first and then wear the upper limbs. After that, pull the zipper to the chest, and put on the hood of medical protective suit. Finally, pull the zipper to the top and tie up the neckline.
3. Take off the one-piece medical disposable protective suit
3.1 First pull the zipper of medical protective suit to the end, as shown in Figure ;
3.2. Lift the hood upward to make the hat off the head, as shown in Figure ;
3.3. Hold the shoulders on both sides of the medical protective suit with both hands, and take off the protective suit to the lower part of the shoulder.
3.4. First hold the edge of the contaminated surface (outer surface) of the right-handed medical glove with your left hand to remove the glove (inside-out), and hold it in your hand. Then enter the inside of the left-handed glove with your right hand and remove the medical glove (inside-out). Both hands leave the sleeves. As shown in Figure ;
3.5. Grasp the inner surface of the medical protective suit with both hands, and taking it off from the inside to the outside and from top to bottom while rolling it up until the suite is fully removed. Roll up the medical protective suit and the outer gloves wrapped therein into the medical waste bag. As shown in Figure
Graphic description of taking off the medical disposable protective suit

[Sample Drawing of Label and Packaging Mark]

Sterilized by irradiation with cobalt-60 Its use is strictly prohibited in case of the damaged packaging. For single use
[Maintenance Method] For single use
[Special Storage Conditions and Methods] It shall be stored in a ventilated, dry and non-corrosive gas environment. Keep it away from fire and flammable materials. The product shall be protected from moisture and put in closed package during transportation.
[Sterilization Method] Sterilized by irradiation with cobalt-60
[Package and Others] This product is packed in PE bags with one piece packaged in a bag and 20 pieces in a carton.
[Name of Registrant / Manufacturing
[Production License No.] L. S. Y. J. X. S. C. X. No. 20200016
[Registration Certificate No. of Medical Apparatus and Instruments] L. X. Z. Z.  2020202040026
[Product Technical Requirement No.] L. X. Z. Z. 20202140026
[Preparation Date of Instruction Manual] March 3, 2020
[Production Date] See product label for details
[Term of Use] One month after the date of sterilization

1. Our protective clothing is produced in dust-free workshops and meets national standards!
2. The fabrics we use are environmentally friendly materials and can be purchased through regular channels with State filing!
3. About 60 grams of non-woven fabrics on the market, we use 76 to 80 grams with Good quality!
4. The products we produce can be breathable, sweat-proof and blood-isolating! Angels in white dress safe and comfortable!
5. The products we produced are the governor of the government specially approved the epidemic prevention enterprise, allowed to enter the ICU, the operating room, meet the GB19082-2009 standard, the European standard 14126 test standard, and meet the international EU CE and US FDA standards.
6. The epidemic prevention products we make now are to contribute to the country and society. It is also necessary to protect your own safety on the track where the price is advantageous. Many factories are cheap and give money without goods and integrity. We are a large factory with a daily output of 70,000 pieces and more than 2,000 workers! Keep everything safe for you! Quality and quantity delivered on schedule!
7. Protective clothing is made of polypropylene non-woven fabric with a polyethylene film. The sealing tape is made of polyurethane hot-melt non-woven fabric. The product is one-piece and sterilized by cobalt-60 irradiation.
8. Box size 65 * 42 * 25 (CM);
10. A box of 30 pieces of protective clothing, 7.5 kg; a piece of 0.3 kg.


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