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Medical/Disposable Mask Disposable Earloop Children Face Masks

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Product Description

Surgical Mask can filter the air particles and separate droplet, blood, bosy fluid and secreta, etc. in hospitals, clinics and other medical institutions.

1. non-woven fabrics and N95 filter paper are used for the body part of the mask, 99% of the bacteria, droplets (above 3 渭m) and pollen (above 30 渭m) are able to be separated. 
2. The use of adjustable Polyethylene nose-bridge and the 3 ply design suits to the human facial structure. The users will feel comfortable and without bondage feeling, breathe smoothly.
3. The Urethane rubber ear-loop is very soft and nonallergenic.

Materials Nonwoven and filter paper
Style Ear-loop & tie on
Size 8.5*14.5cm
Color white/blue/green
Storage Surgical masks should be stored at temperature less than 35掳C and humidity less than 80%RH.
Carton Size 52*50*42cm
Certificate ISO13485, ISO9001

Use Instructions of Protection Face Mask:

Step1 1. Put the nose-bridge upside.
Step 2 2. Press the nose-bridge to make it fully fit for the nose curve.
Step 3 3. Wear the ear-loop. And then pull the folded mask to make it cover and fit for the chin.

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