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OBDSTAR H110 VAG I+C for MQB VAG IMMO+KM Tool Support NEC+24C64 and VAG 4th 5th IMMO

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obdstar h110 vag immo user manual

Product Description

OBDSTAR H110 VAG I+C for MQB VAG IMMO + KM Tool Support NEC+24C64 and VAG 4th 5th IMMO

OBDSTAR H110 is first released device in china specially for VAG MQB. Equipped with RFID ADAPTER, it provides users with good solution to 4th and 5th generation of VW. With combining immobilizer and cluster calibrate, it can be widely applied to after market, auto repair shops,auto technicians, individuals.

OBDSTAR H110 VAG I+ C Feature:

1. First released in China
2. Used for MQB
3. Supports NEC+24C64  2014-now (including old models)
4. Supports immobilizer and dashboard
5. Much cheaper than others (refer to the chart above)

OBDSTAR H110 Hardware Parameter

Dimension:                                   156mm(L)*86mm(W)*28mm(H)
CPU:                                               Cortex M3
Power Supply:                               DC12V
Operation Power:                         DC12V
Operation Temperature:              -20-60鈩
Display Screen:                            320X240 TFT

OBDSTAR H110 Cluster Calibrate Car List:

Audi MQB 35XX 2014.06-
Audi A3 2014.06-
Audi Q2 2014.06-
(Note: Continental and VDO dashboard supported only, Chinese Johson and virtual cockpit not supported.)
VW MQB 35XX 2014.06-
        GOLF SPORTSVAN 2014.06-
        GOLF7 2014.06-
        GOLF PASSAT B80 2014.06-
        GOLF POLO 2014.06-
        Tiguan 2014.06-
        Touran 2014.06-
(Note: Continental and VDO dashboard supported only, Chinese Johson and virtual cockpit not supported.)
Skoda MQB 35XX 2014.06-
          Skoda Fabia 2014.06-
          Skoda Rapid 2014.06-
          Skoda Octavia 2014.06-
          Skoda Superb 201.06-
(Note : Continental and VDO dashboard supported only, Chinese Johson and virtual cockpit not supported.)
Seat MQB 35XX 2014.06-
          Seat IBIZA 2014.06-
          Seat TOLEDO 2014.06-
          Seat LEON 2014.06-
 (Note : Continental and VDO dashboard supported only, Chinese Johson and virtual cockpit not supported.)

For detailed supported vehicles of immobilizer and cluster calibrate, please refer to car list attached.

OBDSTAR H110 Immobilizer Car List:

(1)2 - 3.5 Generation Immo 17 Dashboard
   17 Dashboard
   25 Immobiliser
(2)4 Generation Immo  
     Audi A1:NEC+24C64 2013, 2014.6-
     Audi A3/TT/R8(CDC+24C32/3217/3297)
     Audi A4 RB4 Audi A4 RB8
     Audi Q3: NEC+24C64 2013 Models, 2014.06-
     Audi Q7/A6L(C6): 9S12DT(G)128, 9S12DT256   
     VW/SKODA/SEAT: 2013 Johnson
     VW/SKODA/SEAT: Motorola 9S12XHZ512
     VW/SKODA/SEAT: NEC   +24C64
     VW/SKODA/SEAT: NEC+95320
     VW/SKODA/SEAT: Magotan/CC

(3)5 Generation Immo Audi A4L/A5/Q5 Audi A6/A7/A8
   VW New Touareg
     09 Central control
     B5 Central door lock(KWP1281)
     46 Central comfort module(kwp1281) 46 Central comfort module(Canbus)
(5)Read PIN
     17 Dashboard Jetta Passat Bora
     Golf Sharan Polo Lavida 3.5
     Sagitar 3.5 2007-, 2006
     Touran 3.5
     Caddy 3.5
     VW 2007-
     25 Immobiliser
     01 Engine

OBDSTAR H110 Package includes:

1pc x  H110 Host
1pc x  RFID Adapter
1pc x OBD 16pin Adapter
1pc x Main Cable
1pc x User Manual

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