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XTOOL IK618 X100 Key Programmer Car OBD2 Diagnostic Tools X100 PAD3 Key Programmer With M821 Adapter

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Product Description

 XTOOL IK618 X100 Key Programmer Car OBD2 Diagnostic Tools X100 PAD3 Key Programmer With M821 Adapter 


XTOOL IK618 Best Auto Key Programmer Like X100 Elite


1. IMMO & Key Programming

2. Bi-Directional Control

3. 31+ Special Function

4. OE Level All Systems Diagnostics

5. Ultra Compatibility to Extend Capabilities

6. Wider Vehicle Coverage

7. Robust Hardware

8. Online Support & Life Time Warranty





Professional IMMO & Key Programming


XTOOL IK618 is a professional car key programming tool that can perform pro-level key programming and IMMO functions as below:

1. Read PIN.


2. Add Transponder/Smart Key/Remote Learning, Disable Lo_st~Keys, Make Dealer Key.


3. Key Learning for BMW CAS4/3/2/1.


4. Key Programming for VW, for Audi, for Skoda, for Seat, for Bentley, for 4th,5th, MQB IMMO.

5. Make Dealer~Key for Toyota & for Lexus (with KS-1 key programmer).

6. Make Dealer~Key for Mitsubishi(with KS-2 key programmer).

7. IMMO ECU Reset/Coding.

8. IMMO Data Backup/Restore.

9. Read & Write Key Chips.

10. Read & Write Mercedes Infrared Keys.

11. Read & Write EEPROM.

12. Detect Remote Frequency.






OE Level All Systems Diagnostics + Bi-Directional Control

IK618 bi-directional scan tool comes with OE level all systems diagnostic capabilities that you can only find in dealer-tool previously. It can scan all available systems to perform diagnostics including:


1.Pull Codes: Including manufacturer-specific codes, pending codes, permanent codes.

2. Clear Codes: Clear codes, reset monitors and turn off warning lights.

3.Live Data: Live data stream from various sensors including misfire, engine rpm, transmission fluid

temperature and etc.

4. Freeze Frame: Retrieve parameters when DTC is recorded for better diagnostics.

5.ECU Information: Check ECU version and etc.

6. Active Tests: EVAP Tests, Test injectors, cooling fan, A/C Clutch, Windows, Doors, Sunroof, ABS Motor Pump, solenoids, relays and etc.





30+ Reset Services


XTOOL X100 IK618 auto scan tool comes with comprehensive service options including Oil Reset, EPB, SAS, DPF, BMS, Injector Coding, IMMO Keys, ABS Bleed, Throttle Relearn, Gearbox Match, Suspension Calibration, Headlight, Window Reset, Seat Match/Configurations, Tire Refit, Crankshaft Position Variation Learn, Airbag Reset, Disable Transport Mode, Electronic Pump Activation, EEPROM Adapter and etc.





14 Kinds of Language


XTOOL IK618 supports 14 languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Finnish, Arabic, Japanese, Thai, Korean, Polish, Russian, Chinese

Note: If you need to modify the language, please provide the SN number to XTOOL





Live Data Stream


XTOOL IK618 display live data stream in text or graph like misfire data, engine rpm, transmission oil temperature, mass air flow sensor data, cylinder balance rates, fuel pressure, actual fuel temperature vs desired fuel temperature and etc


> Compatible with KC-501, KS-1, Can Fd Key Programmers


> XTOOL IK618 comes standard with KC-100 key programmer. However, you may choose to get KC-501, KS-1, KS-2 key programmers to extent its capabilities to the next level.


> It's also can works with the CAN FD adapter and M281





M821 Introduction

M821 Mercedes-Benz All Keys Lost Communication Adapter is used for finishing and optimizing all key lost programming for multiple Mercedes-Benz modules. M821 should work with kc501

With M821 Adapter, you can save as much as 65% of the calculation time on the process, or save you from plugging the key emulator in and out for hundreds of times



XTOOL IK618 Includes:






XTOOL M821 Includes:


1pc x Mercedes-Benz AKL Adapter
1pc x J1K02_BENZ Wiring Harness
1pc x M821 Quick Guide



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