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Keyless Go 754J 3 Buttons Full Smart Remote Car Key for Lamborghini 315/433/868Mhz 29A1 Chip

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Product Description

Keyless Go 754J 3 Buttons Full Smart Remote Car Key for Lamborghini 315/433/868Mhz 29A1 Chip








1) No delay
2) No blind zone
3) Long remote control distance
4) Reprogrammable
5) Repeatable copy
6) Customizable ID
7) Support multiple programming devices
8) Multiple frequencies are optional
9) Stable performance
10) Lower power


Magic 754J key can be copied or programmed repeatedly for multiple car types without unlocking. Support the use of multiple programming devices on the market. Magic 754J key has developed all 754J frequency versions on the market.

there are three frequency versions of 315MHz, 433MHz, 868MHz respectively. The Magic 754J key supports matching models such as Audi A4L, A6L, A5, Q5, A7, A8, VW PHIDEON, etc. And also supports some Lamborghini models.At the same time, the Magic 754J key supports repeated copying, and you need to use JMD assistant or JMD OBD with assistant function to copy.




For Audi A4L 2009-2016
For Audi Q5 2010-2018
For Audi A5 2012-2016
For Audi A6L 2012-2018
For Audi A7 2012-2018
For Audi A8/A8L 2011-2017

For VW PHIDEON 2016-2021

For Lamborghini Hurac谩n 2014-2020

For Lamborghini Aven 2017-2019


Note: The above models are for reference only! Please refer to the key type for specific models!


1) During the programming process, please follow the instructions of the programming device to operate, you need to generate the dealer key first, and then learn the key.

2) For the 754J type key programming process, all keys must participate in the programming, and the keys that are not involved in the programming will be invalid. Please prepare all the keys to be programmed before programming.

3) The remote control functions (windows, sunroof opening and closing, folding rearview mirror) after the matching is completed are controlled by the central control setting of the car itself. If the matched key does not have these functions, you can set it in the center console of the car.

4) During the programming process or after the programming is completed, when the car cannot be started and the instrument shows that the key cannot be found, some models need to open and close the main cab door once before the car will find the key again, otherwise the car will always prompt that the key cannot be found.

5) After programming or copying is completed, if the key has no remote control function or smart function, first unplug the battery of the key, then take out the other keys out of the car, and finally use the unplugged key close to the induction zone to start, or Insert the key into the card slot to start, and repeat turning on and off the ignition switch 1~3 times for synchronization.



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