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GM Tech2 GM Scanner with CANdi & TIS

GDS VCI Diagnostic Tool For Hyundai And Kia

Toyota IT2 TOYOTA DENSO Diagnostic Tester-2 IT2 For TOYOTA And SUZUKI V2017.06

Shipping Information

  • DHL : 1082883550
    Ship To: Botswana
    Order #:0207000297
  • DHL : 3880704365
    Ship To: Gambia
    Order #:0206000296
  • DHL : 1082884810
    Ship To: Armenia
    Order #:0204000295
  • DHL : 2007188971
    Ship To: France
    Order #:0128000294
  • DHL : 1081779952
    Ship To: Kosovo
    Order #:0125000293
  • DHL : 1080275755
    Ship To: Egypt
    Order #:1228000288
  • DHL : 8417573360
    Ship To: Kosovo
    Order #:0923000273
  • DHL : 8155838552
    Ship To: Kenya
    Order #:0922000272
  • DHL : 8153328831
    Ship To: Peru
    Order #:0823000269
  • DHL : 4131871785
    Ship To: UK
    Order #:0802000262
  • DHL : 6880515946
    Ship To: UK
    Order #:0726000261
  • DHL : EA177209889CN(EMS)
    Ship To: Brazil
    Order #:0722000260
  • DHL : 5699293132
    Ship To: Germany
    Order #:0712000257
  • DHL : 5795586392
    Ship To: Kenya
    Order #:0711000256
  • DHL : 4409309575
    Ship To: Kenya
    Order #:0616000253
  • DHL : 9523628004
    Ship To: Albania
    Order #:0609000252
  • DHL : (TNT)GD771742075WW
    Ship To: Cyprus
    Order #:0608000251
  • DHL : 3317093065
    Ship To: Germany
    Order #:0521000242
  • DHL : 1216182866
    Ship To: Kosovo
    Order #:0515000241
  • DHL : 4895765512
    Ship To: Gambia
    Order #:0504000237
  • DHL : 5273761080
    Ship To: Germany
    Order #:0410000234
  • DHL : 1450648603
    Ship To: South Africa
    Order #:0328000230
  • DHL : 1192831161
    Ship To: Bolivia
    Order #:0322000229
  • DHL : 1192678513
    Ship To: USA
    Order #:0322000228
  • DHL : 1216174680
    Ship To: Kosovo
    Order #:0322000227
  • DHL : 1192770191
    Ship To: Peru
    Order #:0321000226
  • DHL : 4781696883
    Ship To: South Africa
    Order #:0320000224
  • DHL : 1192661120
    Ship To: Canada
    Order #:0317000220





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1.How to buy?
Please download the PDF file regarding how to make an order, click How to make an order.pdf

Or you can see the simple instruction as below:
1: go to
2: add the items by clicking the button "add to cart"
3: go to viewcart page, you can see the products in your cart
4: if you'd like to order more than one pcs, you can write number like "2,3......" and so on in item "Qty", then click on "update". the item "Qty" will become "2,3....."
4: click "checkout", you will see the page "check out with registered member or unregistered member".
5: write down the correct shipping address, regestered members can correct the address here if you want.
6: finish the payment online for Paypal, for bank transfer and western unit, please go to for more info.
7: kindly inform us your payment info of bank transfer or western union, we will ship out the goods to you.

2.How to pay for the order?
For small orders we accept payment by Paypal, T/T (Telegraph / Wire Transfer) and Western Union.
For orders of total payment amount above 10,000USD, we can accept payment this ways:
30% deposit T/T after order confirmed and then 70% balance T/T before shipment.

Notice: For 1 order, the max amount payment of Paypal is 3,000USD.

3.What shipping methodis the shipping method?
We can deliver the goods of small weight or volume to you by DHL, FedEX, TNT, UPS, or EMS, but now we only use DHL and UPS(express mail servive), because they are good for clearance.  And for goods of big quantity or volume we can ship it By Air or Ocean Container. However the transportation way finally depends on client's choice.

4.How much is the shipping cost?
The shipping cost mainly depends on the quantity, weight, carton size of the goods ordered, and also your area & shipping method. We will calculate and let you know the exact shipping cost for your order under the shipping method you appointed before you confirm your order.

5.What is the warranty for your products?

All of our products come with a warranty time of 12 months. We will replace the defected goods (Except man-made factor) free of charge for our clients within one month. And within the warranty time we can repair the defected products free of charge for our clients.

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